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Rune-List Advertisements!

Hey everyone, Rune-List advertisements have initiated. What does this mean? You should notice plenty of improvements on the Toplist activity as well as the Forums activity. Please, do support and help get the activity up! MD5 will be doing giveaways, and watching the most active posters moderately with content that doesn't only contain spam posting! Thank you all for the support <3
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RSPS Advertisement Giveaway MONTHLY!

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  • RSPS Advertisement Giveaway MONTHLY!

    Hello everyone, today I am proud to announce that we will be doing another giveaway.
    How to enter the giveaway? Simply apply your server to the appropriate advertising section, add your server to our Toplist with automated integration linked to your website.
    So we will be choosing a winner monthly; on the first of the month.

    It will be the Top RSPS on our TopList from the PREVIOUS month.

    The selected RSPS will receive a FREE month server ad spot on the top of our forums for a whole month.

    Our goal is motivation; we want to see every single server competing to reach the top, and get free help from Rune-List to promote their server further, incase next month your votes aren't doing too hot; just know we got your back.

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    Very generous of you!


    • #3
      Thank you Wayne


      • #4
        such a great prize, hopefully it will allow smaller servers a chance to get bigger =P


        • #5
          Wow this is a great prize.


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            Ouff. how have a missed out on this. Thanks for the post will be looking forward to seeing this months winner.