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So I was riding my bike and smoking a joint

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  • So I was riding my bike and smoking a joint

    So I was riding my bike and smoking a joint down 14th st (the hooker street), and some guy knocked me off my bike. Sucks because, in that situation after I got hit off.. a cop pulls by, and I smell like weed etc, and I'm trying to tell them that someone just hit me off my bike. He's more worried about searching my backpack etc when all it was, was a joint... when there was a guy out there who just committed such a bigger crime. Cops suck here in the USA -.-

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    move to the Netherlands brother #free weed evrywhere no police sucmmies who will hate you haha


    • #3
      The issue with your scenario is that you were in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Its life it happens.


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        :O don't smoke weed and ride my dude stay safe on these hella crazy streets the world is a messed up place being run by messed up people who aint got a f***ing clue what they're doing


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          It's slowly getting passed.. Hopefully here in the next 5-10 years it'll be totally legal (to a degree) in the US. I only approve of it being legal for pain/medical uses. My father who has since passed on was an avid pot smoker daily. He worked his butt off to bring the food to the table for me and my brothers.. With all that work he put on his back doing construction/plumbing, marijuana took away the back pain and kept him in a good mood.

          I don't smoke due to my job as a Truck Driver, but if I did, I'd probably be spraying myself with cologne after every smoke?

          I honestly do understand why they searched you, even if you were a victim to another crime, they're only doing their job regardless if they want marijuana to be legal/not.


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            Lmao XD Xxxx


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              loool first suggestion is to smoke home, and not while riding a bike.


              • #8
                Wtf did I just waste 30 seconds of my time reading.


                • #9
                  Hey man, I love smoking weed. But keep it to your self, and at home man.