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Hey everyone, Rune-List advertisements have initiated. What does this mean? You should notice plenty of improvements on the Toplist activity as well as the Forums activity. Please, do support and help get the activity up! MD5 will be doing giveaways, and watching the most active posters moderately with content that doesn't only contain spam posting! Thank you all for the support <3
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My Art Showcase

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  • My Art Showcase

    Hello everyone my name is Scifi today i will be showcasing some of my art ,keep in mind when i say art i mean /graphics design/ sketch art/i hope you enjoy this showcase ,please leave a comment down below <3

    i do more than that,layouts,backgrounds,animated backgrounds,animated signatures,logos,avatars,banners,intros,website developing, and more.

    Some of my art work.

    Ill be posting more in the future,let me know what you think about my work i have tons more of graphics to showcase but i'm not even sure i cant post this amount of pics in one topic so xD ill make more and more topics about graphics in general and more work also if you intrested let me know contact me on discord, @SCIFI/GRAPHICS DESIGN#9986
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    Your work is frigging awsome, the way you draw is beautiful 😍 i love your gfx work also, any chance you could do a little something for me to add to my forums account? I would very much like to use something you have worked on ❤


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      Super great!