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Hey everyone, Rune-List advertisements have initiated. What does this mean? You should notice plenty of improvements on the Toplist activity as well as the Forums activity. Please, do support and help get the activity up! MD5 will be doing giveaways, and watching the most active posters moderately with content that doesn't only contain spam posting! Thank you all for the support <3
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rs07 guide to get membership quick

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  • rs07 guide to get membership quick

    Hello and welcome to my guide

    u are a free 2 play player and Always wanted to get a quick membership?

    this is a method what Always will work get your magic level to 33 magic once u got it all u need is a staff of air and 28 law runes u can walk to falador go north untill u see the wilderniss sign at your left side u see a altar on the alter u can telegrab wine's of zamorak its very good and quick method to make money

    WARNING do not try to pickup the wines in any other way because u will get attacked by the monks

    thanks and enoy ---#makemydaynow

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    Nice guide thanks for the help <3


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      any time