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Rune-List Advertisements!

Hey everyone, Rune-List advertisements have initiated. What does this mean? You should notice plenty of improvements on the Toplist activity as well as the Forums activity. Please, do support and help get the activity up! MD5 will be doing giveaways, and watching the most active posters moderately with content that doesn't only contain spam posting! Thank you all for the support <3
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Wayne's Forum Suggestions

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  • Wayne's Forum Suggestions

    ~ Here's a list of suggestions I have to improve the forum

    • Minimize the shoutbox (Half the size of the current size)
    • Bring the discord widget up so it is on the right side of the shoutbox
    • Add to the bottom of the forum 'Who was Online in the last 24 hours'
    • STAFF LIST button somewhere on the top of the forum; List of all current staff members
    • Donator+ have the option to customize their forum usertitle
    • How many likes received & how many like given shown on profile user info
    • Allow us to add our Discord#1234 username somewhere on profile user info
    • Respected: Long term individuals who've made large contributions to the website in their time
    • Veteran: Members who've been here since the very beginning
    • Programmer: Individuals who've been recognized for their proficiency and knowledge in coding their chosen languages
    • Designer (Graphics): Members who've had both their level of designing proficiency and community contributions recognized

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    I completely agree with all these suggestions. They definitely need to be looked into because they're all needed. It also helps establish a better forums overall.
    Last edited by Aroe; 07-21-2019, 05:15 PM.


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      I also support this suggestion great pitch. Thank you


      • #4
        We have Veteran & Designer

        Also did this for ya
        -Donators can now edit their custom user title


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          Very very nice suggestions! Please come out with more for donators so it gives more people of a reason to donate!