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Ely | Most Advanced & Content Packed 718/OSRS Mashup

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  • Ely | Most Advanced & Content Packed 718/OSRS Mashup

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Name:	10.05.38-15.08.19.png
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ID:	476
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Name:	10.17.22-15.08.19.png
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    Detailed Features List

    NEW New OSRS items & functionality added: Dark Claws, Arclight & more!

    NEW 100% OSRS Skotizo & Catacombs of Kourdend

    NEW 100% OSRS Demonic Gorilla's

    NEW Full Zenyte crafting added (Necklace of Anguish, Ring of Suffering & more)

    NEW 100% OSRS Cerberus

    NEW 100% OSRS Kraken (Trident of the seas, Abyssal Tentacle & more)

    NEW Brand new Monthly Exclusive Mystery Box system

    NEW Double Dungeoneering tokens every Friday

    NEW Rotating seasonal Group (AFK) Boss (New limited time cosmetics, skilling supplies & more)

    NEW Goldsmith Gauntlets now available ingame for 2x Smithing XP when smelting Gold Ore

    NEW Tons of new items available in the Vote Shop (colored Robin Hood hats, 400K Coins Ticket & more)

    NEW Tons of new items available in the PvM shop (Lucky items such as: Bandos, Armadyl, Dragon, Whips & more)

    NEW All thieving stalls now give double the amount of gold than before

    NEW OSRS Gnome Stronghold Slayer Cave

    NEW Gear & Inventory Presets

    NEW Discord Integration

    Largest RSPS Wiki (NPC data, G/E logs, Item data & more)

    All 25 Skills (Enjoy true combat leveling & skilling including Construction & Dungeoneering)

    OSRS Content & Bosses (Demonic Gorilla's, Kraken, Skotizo, Cerberus & more)

    Gear & Inventory Presets (save up to 10 different presets w/ option of custom levels)

    Discord Integration (!drops NPCNAME !stats PLAYERNAME !players ONLINE & more)

    Daily Updates (Pushing bi-weekly updates with bug fixes & new content)

    Customizable Client settings (Tons of toggles such as, x10 hits, Player name, old/new looks & much more)

    10+ Minigames & Customs (Including Battle Royale, Zombie Waves & all the classics)

    Perfected Content (A lot of our content is very similar to the original)

    Grand Exchange (Auto-buys/sells & player based, depending on item)

    World Events (Wildy Wyrm, Evil Tree & Shooting Stars)

    Weekend Events (Double Minigame Rewards, double PvM Points & more)

    Choose Your XP Rate (x10 Legends & x50 Default & x250 Easy)

    All Ironman Modes (IM/HCIM/UIM)

    Over 150 Achievements (Interactive progress percentage & more)

    Duo Slayer (Earn faster XP by doing Slayer with a partner)

    Tons of Pets (Skilling & Boss pets)

    Tons of Bosses (Including all GWD, Cerberus, Corporal Beast, Nex, QBD, KBD, OSRS Bosses & more)

    Safe Gambling (Flower Poker, dicing, hot & cold - server hosted betting)

    Master Capes & more (Earn your Max Cape, Completionist Cape and/or 120 Capes)

    Customizable Loot Beam (Never miss a valuable drop)

    Rewarding Vote System (Trade them for GP, redeem them for BXP or spend them in-shop)

    Banking (with tabs, searching, inserting & swapping)

    Loyalty Titles (Tons & tons of titles to aim for)

    Clan System (100% Clan system with ranks, etc)

    Clue Scrolls (Fully custom with Wiki guides & tips)

    Quests (Fully custom Quests made by the community)