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[RS Classic] Section Rules & Guidelines (July 19th, 2019)

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  • [RS Classic] Section Rules & Guidelines (July 19th, 2019)

    RS Classic Client & Server Section
    Welcome, this short post will guide you on how to conduct yourself whilst posting within this section, and will inform you of any rules/guidelines when posting in this section.

    The following guidelines are to be followed at all times on this board and its sub-forums:
    • Bumping is disallowed throughout the forum within a 24 hour period, you may not post consecutively without the second post being 24 hours after the first, you may also not reply to any thread with the sole intention of bumping it
    • All other forum rules apply such as flame/spam, these can be located here
    Main Board
    The main board is a discussion area dedicated to threads about RS Classic Servers that do not fit under any sub-forum. These discussions should be about a unique topic, we do not want to confuse people by having multiple threads on the same subject, and it is a more valuable resource if we have all information and opinions in one consistent thread. Voting threads regarding RS Classic Servers should be posted in the Voting section and not the main board.

    The following types of threads/posts are not allowed to be post in the main board:
    • What revision is your favourite?
    • Should I release this?
    • You should go back to a specific revision!
    • The things I hate about a server
    • Have you played my server?
    • Should I add X to my server?
    • Would you play if I add this feature?
    • Come play my server!
    Help Sub-forum
    • The Help Sub-forum Rules & Guidelines can be found here.
    Tutorials Sub-forum
    • The Tutorials Sub-forum Rules & Guidelines can be found here.
    Projects Sub-forum
    • The Projects Sub-forum Rules & Guidelines can be found here.
    Downloads Sub-forum
    • The Downloads Sub-forum Rules & Guidelines can be found here.
    Ignoring these guidelines and creating any threads or replying within any comments listed above within this forum may result in an infraction and your thread being closed or moved to an appropriate section. These rules/guidelines are subject to change at any time. If and when they are changed, the title of this thread will be changed to contain the date of the latest update. It is up to you from there to check regularly for any changes.

    Last edited by Wayne; 07-20-2019, 02:19 AM.