Galaxy- Unique Content | Invention Skill
Status online
Version 317
Rank 3
Votes 157
Uptime 100%
Country United States
Types pvm servereconomyskilling serverbossingskilling

droprate system (right click option)
custom minigames ( Key Minigame and Penguin Multiplier minigame)
Item upgrading & invention
constantly daily updates
custom teleport interface
Starterzone / loot box
view drops on right click
achievement rewards
24 skills working- They can all max to level 120
prestiging skills and total prestige ranks
custom tiers zones (There are up to 6 tiers)
boss pets and drop rate pets
semi-custom items and gear
custom godwars plateform
unique armour and weapon that you have not seen in any rsps
world events; shooting star, wildywyrm, wogw, evil tree and